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The Company was started in 1947 by Al Musachio.  Fresh out of the Army and looking to get in the workforce he and a family member started a window cleaning company. At that time you had to be a G.I. out of the army to get the surplus for cleaning windows, which is why the original name was “G.I. Window Cleaning”. The first two work vehicles where actually army issued Jeeps. In the 1950’s the two went their separate ways and the company became known as Al’s G.I. Window Cleaning. Al ran a successful window cleaning company until 1987 when his son, Mark, took over the family business. In 2000, right out of high school looking for a summer job, I started working for Mark cleaning windows. After a few years of going to school and not being able to get a job in my desired field, Mark gave me a great opportunity to take over the business that had been in his family for 57 years. Mark ran the business until he moved to take care of his parents in 2004. In 2004 I took over ownership of the company and changed the name to its current name of A “G.I.” Window Cleaning Co. I kept the “A” on the front of the name so that long time customers could look in the phone book and find us in the same place.



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Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday - 9AM - 5PM

Phone: 440-461-6998

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kathy From Hudson, Ohio.

"AGI Window Cleaning is doing an excellent job.  I currently have them clean my office located in Hudson, Ohio.  They are always promptly, do an excellent job cleaning, and the staff is friendly and polite.  I would highly recommend them for all your cleaning needs." 

Brian From Willoughby, Ohio.

"AGI Window Cleaning is definetely providing an awesome service.  I called them for cleaning up of my apartment and everytime they come, they do a nice job! I never have to repeat or tell them to clean a spot.  They come and they clean every corner and leave my place super clean"